Video via TechCrunch. All rights reserved.

So, Snap Inc. (the parent company of Snapchat) now is the largest US-based tech since Facebook’s in 2012. Though being labeled as a tech company, it has struggled in the punchline and jokes about its branding strategy. What exactly does the company in tech do? A communication service? A messaging app? A video platform? According to a rebranding last year, Snap Inc. “is a camera company.”

Would the Wall street buy it? Well, the IPO seems to prove that the answer is yes. It makes a lot of sense to be a camera company in an age of photo-taking obsession, where people – especially young generation – communicate mostly in pictures and often the pictures of themselves. What is the most attractive part of any liked picture? The nice and fun filters. And which camera’s filters are most liked and often copied by the others? Snapchat.

What is the future of this camera company? Maybe the dogface filter?

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