Video via TEDx Talks. All rights reserved.

The ongoing and relentless debate over the openness, freedom, and neutrality of the Internet seems not ready to be ended. Just throw back to six years ago and see some early opinions from a talk given by net neutrality lawyer Marvin Ammori in 2011.

The Internet isn’t neutral now. But was it neutral? Will it be neutral? One thing for sure is that the Internet now operates differently compared to it used to do. In today’s world, people have more than cable TV and can use over-the-top services; they don’t just choose internet service providers but also online service and content providers. People tend to think of the Internet as a massive public network where everyone connects to in exactly the same way, and assume that data is transmitting vertically in the entire network. That could be a neutral network, but it’s not today’s Internet.

Just like the video saying, “the architecture of the Internet is not permenant. It can change.” Today this architecture has been rewrited, maybe what we need to do is to rewrite the definition of openness and freedom along with it.


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