Video via NNgroup. All rights reserved.

User Experience (UX) design has existed for decades and there are many well-established researches and discussions. While talking about UX design especially for millennials, it is always open to new ideas as well as new challenges. After all, we are talking about a group of demography that is filled with variables and agility.

Undoubtedly, this demography of digital natives has high affinity for technology and cares about use experience of any kind of technology products, which leads to a low tolerance for anything that doesn’t work as expected. Just like what was mentioned in the video, the age of the Internet – where they grow up and live – shapes their expectations and preferences of technology products. Many opinions view millennials as the most tech-savvy, holding the belief that they can make anything tech work, while it is not necessarily the case. On the contrary, most millennial users, just like the other users, simply expect things to work well for them. The nuance is that, with their sensitivity to technology, millennials’ expectations for good user experience are the highest ever. They can easily tell good from bad and they are experts at finding good alternatives instead of putting up with bad ones.

But what’s the meaning of good UX deign to a business? Well, it’s easy. That’s where brand royalty and profit come from. “When your UI (user interface) doesn’t live up to millennials’ high expectations, they’re not only going to criticize the website, but they are gonna make comments about the organization behind the website as well.” Yes, providing millennials with fluid UX is not just a matter of appeasing them, it is a necessity in strategy level for the well-being of any business featuring technology products.

So how to make a good UX design in strategy level? There could be multiple tactics. But one main direction, I would say, is sticking to millennials’ characteristics and preferences, as well as culture and mindset. For example, growing up with easy and fast access to information at their fingertips, millennials have become accustomed to an lifestyle of prompt and on-demand services, which leads to their preferences in mobile platforms, and so makes designing with a mobile-first approach a common trend. It’s all about connecting your products with millennials in their ways and living up to their high expectations as much as possible.

Although this is a generation having high expectations and evolving needs in technology products and services, millennials are understandable. Targeting in millennials, the challenges in UX design, as well as other business activities, are to understand their expectations, needs, and behaviors, for empowering companies to respond to and evolve with this generation along the way.

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