Video via The New York Times on Snapchat Discover. All rights reserved.

Three days ago The New York Times (NYT) launched its presence on Snapchat Discover, a feature embedded in Snapchat Stories page allowing editorial entities – CNN, National Geographic, The Washington Post, etc. – to post their news. This is the company’s one more social media utilization.

However, unlike the adoption of earlier social media – Facebook and Twitter, and the later ones – Instagram and Pinterest, which seems to become a little bit normal as content distribution channels, arriving to Snapchat shows that The NYT is experimenting with a whole new way to share the news to a broader audience, and more importantly, to translate its journalism to a younger audience. According to TechCrunch, The NYT now has around 37 percent of its 125 million monthly cross-platform readers are the demographic of ages 18 to 34. They are also the key demographic of Snapchat. Now we understand why more clearly. This is a substantial step of this company business strategy for targeting in younger audience and seeking for more of them.

Mobile and visual news is nothing new while it is increasing trending, which largely results from people’s online behaviors. Many researches have revealed that a considerable amount of people, especially the youngs, prefer to access news from social media and read stories on mobile platforms.

Snapchat, as a newer generation of social media, always differentiate itself out with it highly visual-first functionality and 24-hour expiration feature. And on Snapchat Discover, the content will heavily focus on videos, photos and other visual elements and will be more consumable. Undoubtedly, the content will be sharable from one audience to his or her friends on Snapchat, and the 24-hour expiration works as a drivers to motivate people to view it.

Maybe it’s not fair enough to say that The NYT is digging into millennials marketing, while its strategy of approaching to Snapchat do provide some implications about that. Millennials tend to look for something novel and compelling, enjoying them in a way which is mobile, social, and interactive. The NYT’s presence on Snapchat Discover is full of potential to provide this kind of experience and grow and engage more younger audience through mobile and visual news.

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