Video via Millennial Marketing. All rights reserved.

Quite terse and straightforward to talk about millennial marketing like this in 60 seconds yet hitting the point – millennials like co-create and being engaged, genuinely. But how to build the relationship of this “genuine engagement” is really the pain point for business today.

Millennials expect two-way and mutual relationship with companies and brands, would like to share good experience, but also criticize bad experience as well. This is pushing companies to constantly provide good experience and communicate with them. No one will question that social media are powerful tools to do that. But what if people even don’t want to participate in experiencing and communicating? We might need some pieces of bait here. We need to motivate them to engage, and this process can be hard to tackle. Digging into what they want, trying providing valuable information, keeping updating interesting content, and creating a participatory atmosphere are all part of the process and retain them for more and longer.

This reminds me of GoPro Photo of the Day, a campaign encouraging customers upload their original photos to GoPro’s website. In an age where visual socializing is ubiquitous, motivating people, especially millennials, to post visual content is left to be the lightest work to do. Posting a daily “Photo of the Day” makes customers feeling like they are not only buying products from the brand but also actively participating in the brand’s image as well. User generated content, brand mentions, and hashtags, these are “genuine engagement.” And this engagement can ultimately go viral.

So, how to motivate millennials engagement? Knowing and understanding is one thing, more importantly, reaching to them with a participatory and co-creating atmosphere.

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