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When talking about designing user experience for millennials, easiness, straightforwardness, and simplicity are some keywords that I always want to put in center. Millennials surely appreciate such products that are efficient and easy to control , and always available at their fingertips whenever they need them.

The principle of “Less is more” is ubiquitously interpreted in many niches. When it comes to UX design of digital products, I agree with Jakob Nielsen that it emphasizes less diverse but more focused features of the product. It is meant to be clear, simple and to the point, for helping people executing their tasks in less effort. In a strategic level, designing a clear and simple product doesn’t necessarily involve the discussion of using what design elements. Before diving into the executive design process, what really needs to be addressed is to define and neaten the scope of a product. This is the key to develop a great user experience.

Let’s take search engine as example:


Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 7.23.05 PM

Once the leader in field while now it keeps losing its position and focus. Well, the interface looks comfortable, appropriate colors and well-gridded layout. However, it completely overwhelms user with content and defeats the purpose of the search engine. Its attempt to put everything in front and the loose focus on the product should actually do are distracting users and ultimately driving them away. And this is nothing to do with those aesthetic elements, but may has everything to do with the first and fundamental strategy.


Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 7.23.29 PM

Now we can see why everybody is saying “Just Google it!” Clearly focusing on what users want and what they want the user journey to be, Google puts any distracting content on the very front and most trafficked page, and provide a solid and unobtrusive product. Users know exactly what needs to be done once they land on this page.

So yes, “Less is more” can benefit user experience design, especially for the generation of millennials who are strongly seeking for quick and easy accessibility and usability. But how to approach to this principle from the first and fundamental strategic level? One key tactic is to define, refine, and narrow down the scope. Then the product should be adjusted, simplified and optimized within the scope. It is all about reducing works to essence and necessity.

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