Video via CNBC. All rights reserved.

Another video about Hulu Live TV service. Mike Hopkins, the company’s CEO, discusses the new-launched service on CNBC.

It is a quite interesting point by Hopkins saying that he hopes to convert people who opted out of traditional pay-TV system back in through a service like Hulu Live TV. It is not unreasonable, though Hulu and similar over-the-top (OTT) service keeps disrupting the tradition cable TV industry. OTT service has changed the way that content providers to deliver content and, possibly, we will not see any cable package in the near future. But companies change as people and technology change. Embracing the disruption and transforming strategy are the key approaches to survive in the new environment.

When talking about the growth of streaming TV service or over-the-top (OTT) service, most people tend to indicate that it will eventually replace traditional cable TV. I would like to make it more clear. The new way of delivering content will replace the old one no matter completely or not, while content providers per se, both OTT companies and those traditional media licenses once relying on cable and satellite, are needed by the audience. What we’re seeing right now is that these new and traditional content providers are continuously merged into a platform, cooperating to deliver their content in a new and in-trend way for their audience.

Rather than converting people back into TV plans, it would be better to say that this merging is driving people toward a new form of TV plans, which is less expensive and easier to access.

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