Video via Chelsea Krost. All rights reserved.

Whether you want to gain subscribers or followers or to sell products, people should know who you are in the first place. The ability to win recognition comes from your brand’s identity, and one of the best ways to build a brand identity is utilizing social media. In this video, Chelsea Krost gives some tips about how to craft brand identity through social media in a savvy way, such as social listening, building community, and choosing the right platforms.

Here are some lessons learned and essentials of branding on social media from my perspective:

Communicate using your brand identity

It should go without saying that brands must have unique value proposition and provide useful and valuable content. Once that proposition is clearly and consistently identified and defined, when at all possible, a brand identity should be defined by the brand itself. And brands should proactively communicate with consumers with that value proposition and identity. Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign is a great example, so clear and consistent to deliver a message that “Mac is a better computer and that’s what we provide.” And this message is delivered continuously in a series commercials. It keeps communicating using its brand identity and so building awareness and recognition to consumers.

Choose networks that support your brand identity

Brands are various, and so are social media platforms. They have different features and user segments, and not all of them are fit into a specific brand and worth investing for that brand. Identifying a platform that support your brand identity and best deliver your message is vitally important. But I won’t say that a brand can only brand itself on one social media platform. Conversely, it could be even better to have multiple platforms or channels to communicate with consumers, as long as the format and content of the messages are appropriate for that platform.

Invite consumers to co-develop your brand identity

Brand awareness grows stronger when both brands and consumers contribute. Inviting consumers to participate in your community, encouraging them to co-create and co-develop, is one of the most effective ways to achieve engagement for your brand. And here is why social listening is important. It allows consumers to speak up and urge brands to change practices that they are not satisfied with. Brands that embrace it as an opportunity to collaborate with consumers could have better chance to strengthen the brand identity of them.

Now social media is a ubiquitous and zero-barrier tool that all people can access and utilize. Here comes why it is important to have savvy strategy in terms of brand using. These platforms can give brands a powerful means to reach their consumers. Utilizing it to communicate their brands’ value, delivering this value via the right channels, and letting consumers help constantly develop, these are some savvy strategies that brands should keep in mind.

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